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How it works


E-mail me your wishes and the photo that I'm going to work with. We will fix a price, based on the price list. Then I'll start working on your illustration. 

Usually I'll have the illustration ready within a week, but if there's a waiting list, it can take a bit longer. Always communicate your deadline if you have one! Be aware that you'll receive the digital illustration. If you're planning on printing it, be sure to set the deadline early enough to do so. 


I'll start working on your illustration. I will send you the line work and ask for your feedback.


Feedback? I'll alter the illustration until you're happy with it. Happy? Good! If you chose for a colored illustration, I'll start working on the coloring. In the meantime I'll send you the Tikkie or other payment option. 


Your illustration will be colored if you chose for color. I'll add the finishing touches. And it's done! I'll send it to you to ask once again for feedback. 


You receive the illustration in the highest quality and without the water mark per e-mail. Have fun with it! 


Let me illustrate a photo with a special memory for you! It will be a very unique gift as, for example: 


  • A Valentine's Day gift

  • A birthday present

  • A Mother's Day or Father's Day gift

  • A random gift! :-)

Are you planning to illustrate a baby? Look at this page.

Untitled_Artwork 106.JPG


  • Line work (price per person or pet):            €12,50

  • In color (price per person or pet):                    €20

  • Abstract (prijs per person or pet):                    €15


*This is an indication. The actual price can be different per photo, depending on how detailed the picture is. We will fix a price beforehand.

Prices are based on a digital portrait.

You will get your portrait in .jpg, .png and .pdf so you can print it yourself if you want to.

Ravy 2.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 121.jpg
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