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Paper plants


Is it a plant? Is it art? Is it an artificial plant? 


Yes. In fact it's all three. My paper plants are unique, you're sure of the fact you're getting something extraordinary for your home. And above all this: these plants never die if you forget about them! 


Each leaf of my paper plants is hand drawn. I draw the leaves digitally, print them, cut them out by hand and make their stems.

The leaves have been treated with water resistant coating. It's totally fine if you forget they're not real and give them some water by accident! The leaves have UV resistant coating as well, so the color won't fade. 


Most plants are available in the following sizes:


  • mini

  • Life Size S

  • Life Size M

  • Life Size L


In case you' d like to upgrade your Life Size plant from S to M or M to L; send me an e-mail. We'll figure it out and get you some extra leaves!




It's really difficult to send out the paper plants all in one piece. That's why you will get a package with all the parts of the plant. Assembling the plant isn't hard, and actually kind of fun to do, because you get to shape the plant to your liking. Per plant, you'll get a block of foam, the leaves on stems and a bag of potting soil. 

Get a nice pot for your plant. You'll get instructions on what size pot fits best with your plant. Are you buying a mini or tiny plant? Then you'll get a terracotta mini pot with your order.


Taking care of your plant: 



No specific needs



No water needed






I only need a nice pot once, after that you won't need to repot me!


Ben je jouw instructieformulier dat bij de papieren plant zat kwijt, of wil je er gewoon nog eentje printen? 


Klik op de paperclip om de pdf te bekijken en/of printen!

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