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Wouldn't it be fun to make a portrait of you and your loved ones? Look no further! I'm happy to make one for you! I'm offering four different styles of portraits. Click on your preffered style to read more about the prizes, how it works and to see some examples! 


I will draw you and/or your loved ones in my characteristic style. Fun to give to someone as a present or to put on (christmas)cards! 

With this style I'm illustrating a portrait based on an existing picture. It's a style that always suits with your interior, so hanging it on your wall is a good idea! As well as giving this portrait for Valentine's, Mother's/Father's Day or during the holidays! 

Jipp_ 2.jpg

I get a lot of request to illustrate (newborn) babies. So cute, and you're sure you have a unique birth present for the parents. I illustrate birth cards as well! 

New! I offer this cool cartoon style portrait as well. Always wanted to know how you would look in a cartoon movie? Now is the chance to find out! 

Untitled_Artwork 99.jpg
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