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How it works


E-mail me your ideas and wishes for the illustration(s), preferably as extensive as possible. We'll work out a price and deadline together.

Customized illustrations

I make, next to portraits and the products in my webshop, customized illustrations as well. Nothing too weird for me, I'll draw it all! For example: illustrations for wedding cards, birth cards, greeting cards or christmas cards, illustrations for flyers, in your newsletter or on your site, logos, coloring pages, artwork for podcasts, or illustrations in (childrens) books. Contact me for all options and prices. 


You can find more information about photo-illustrations (portraits) here, and about house-illustrations here.

Untitled_Artwork 119.JPG


I'll start working on the illustration(s). I'll send you a sketch and ask for feedback. This will be per e-mail or Whatsapp. With larger projects, I'd prefer per video call. 


Feedback? I'll alter the design until you're happy. Happy? Good! I'll keep working on the illustration(s). In the meantime I'll send you an invoice.



It's done! I'll send it to you to ask for feedback once again. 


When you're completely satisfied I'll send you the illustration(s) in the highest quality per e-mail. Have fun with them!

Untitled_Artwork 111.jpg


  • My hourly rate is €30. Based on your commision, I'll predict how long it'll take me to work on it and what the price will be. Send me an e-mail to discuss it with me.


Prices are based on a digital illustration.

You'll receive the illustration(s) in .jpg, .png and .pdf so you can print them if you want to.

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Untitled_Artwork 120.JPG
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