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Proud of your hometown? Get yourself a (personalised) city map from Klairtje! 


All of my city maps are printed on 275 g/m² matt photo paper and available in two sizes (excluding frame):


30 x 40 cm

40 x 60 cm 


It's possible for you to add your favorite hotspots to your city map! 


** Are you choosing for a city that's not on the list yet, then I'm custom making it for you. In that case, the delivery time can go up to about 3 weeks.

Illustrated city map

Personal and unique: add hotspots to your city map!


Think of the places that make your home town feel like home: your go-to cafe, your soccer club, your old high school or the place where you met your loved one.  ontmoette.


Choose your hotspots and I will draw them for you.


30 x 40 

40 x 60



Base map:

30 x 40          €19,99

40 x 60          €24,99


  • 5 hotspots + €10

  • 6 t/m 10 hotspots + €15

  • More hotspots? -> discuss it with me per e-mail.

Are you choosing for a personalised map? Order in my webshop. I will reach out to you per e-mail. We can discuss the delivery time if needed. I'm planning on finishing your order in 2 weeks to get it shipped. 


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