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How it works


E-mail me your wishes around the illustration and some pictures of the house. I'd prefer to have some clear pictures taken from the front of the house and in high quality. Together we'll establish a price. 


I'll work on the illustration. I will send you a sketch and ask for feedback. 


Feedback? I'll alter the design until you're happy. Happy? Good! I'll work on the design and get it done. In the meantime I'll send you the invoice or Tikkie.


It's done! I'll ask once again if you have any feedback.


I'll send you the illustration in the highest quality and without the water mark per e-mail. Have fun with it!


Looking for the most unique housewarming gift? Or have you just moved into your own dream home? Let me make an illustration of that beautiful house!


Just an idea: let me burn the illustration of your house into a wooden serving board You find them here!

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Untitled_Artwork 133.jpg
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  • Line work: between €20 and €40, depending on the size of the building and the details

  • In color: between €40 and €80, depending on the size of the building and the details

  • Optional: tekst (adress) is €10

  • Optional: bricks/roof tiles details €10 tot €20


Prices are based on a digital illustration.

You'll receive your illustration(s) in .jpg, .png and .pdf so you can print it if you want to.

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