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Are you crazy about plants? You can now wear them as earrings!


Making my plant earrings is a precise job. Everything is made by hand and sometimes I slip up. A small stain, or a flaw on the back. Not completely perfect, maar too good to go. That's why I give you this chance to buy these not-just-right earrings for a small price. Ideal if you're shopping for a small gift or if you don't know whether or not you have the money to buy my earrings for the full price. And the most fun part of this faulty box: you never know what you're gonna get!


The pictures are meant as an example of how the box could look like, and what the flaws can look like.


The leaves are hand drawn. I printed them on heavy paper, and finished them of with layers of protection varnish. The earrings are suitable to be worn while cycling through rain. They won't mind some drops of water, and they won't discolor in UV-light.


I make surprise boxes with at least these types of earrings:

  • Two different pairs of small earrings
  • One pair of large earrings


Order soon, the stock is only limited!


You can choose between these kind of materials:

  • Gold coloured stainless steel
    • Hooks (hypoallergen)
    • Rings: 20 mm


  • Silver coloured stainless steel
    • Hooks (hypoallergen)
    • Rings: 20 mm


  • Sterling Silver 925 (hypoallergen)
    • Hooks
    • Rings: 25 mm


Instructions for use:

To keep your earrings as pretty as possible, it's best to take them out when going for a swim or showering. They don't mind some rain, because of the protective varnish, but there are limits to what they can take!


Faulty Box: Earrings Plants

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